Briarwood Homes Association, Incorporated

2020 Dues Collection Procedure
  • Letter #1: $55.00 payment due by February 15, 2020
  • Letter #2: $65.00 payment due by March 31, 2020 ($10.00 increase for late payment)
  • Letter #3: $75.00 payment due by May 1, 2020 ($20.00 increase for late payment). In addition; non-paying homeowner’s names will be published on the Briarwood Website
  • Letter #4: $105.00 payment due immediately upon receipt. ($50.00 increase for late payment).  In accordance with Article 4, Briarwood Covenant Declaration states the Association may file a lien against the property for all delinquent amounts, including interest thereon, filing fees, attorney fees, court costs and other costs of collection as incurred. will be an additional $2.00 fee assessed for paying online to handle the PayPal fees.